Scrutiny on iPhone Manufacturer in India for Alleged Discrimination Against Married Women

Scrutiny on iPhone Manufacturer in India for Alleged Discrimination Against Married Women

The Indian central government has demanded a comprehensive review from the state of Tamil Nadu, following media exposures that Foxconn, an Apple supplier, was purportedly turning down married women for iPhone assembling roles.   A probe conducted by Reuters implicated Foxconn in preventing married women from securing jobs at their primary iPhone factory in India, […]

Buenos Aires Erupts as Senate Passes Milei’s Economic Reforms

Buenos Aires Erupts

Argentina’s Senate narrowly greenlit President Javier Milei’s contentious economic reform package amidst fierce clashes between demonstrators and riot police outside Congress. Protesters in Buenos Aires, fearing the reforms would devastate millions of Argentines, hurled petrol bombs and stones, igniting vehicles. Local media depicted the tumultuous scene on Wednesday as a “battlefield,” reporting numerous injuries. The […]

North Korea Dispenses Garbage-Filled Balloons Across the South

Garbage Balloons North Korea

North Korea has launched over 260 balloons laden with garbage into South Korea, leading to warnings for citizens to remain indoors. The South Korean military has urged people not to handle the white balloons or the attached plastic bags, which they reported to contain “unsanitary waste”. Discovered across eight out of nine provinces in South […]

Sir Paul McCartney Emerges as the UK’s First Billionaire Musician

Paul McCartney Billionaire

Sir Paul McCartney has reached a monumental financial success, becoming the UK’s first musician to amass a billion-pound fortune, as revealed by the Sunday Times Rich List. At the age of 81, the iconic former Beatle has increased his net worth by £50m over the past year. His increase in wealth is attributed to extensive […]

Global iPhone Sales Experience Downturn

Global iPhone Sales Downturn

The latest financial disclosures from Apple reveal a widespread dip in iPhone sales globally, presenting a challenging landscape for the tech behemoth. In a surprising turn of events, Apple disclosed a significant slump in smartphone demand, registering a downturn of over 10% in the initial quarter of the year across various markets, Europe being the […]

Revolutionary Mobile Application Launched to Aid in Locating Missing People

In an innovative move, a former law enforcement official has developed a mobile application dedicated to assisting relatives and acquaintances of missing persons in their search for their missing family members or friends. The brainchild behind the application, named Misper, is Paul Cooper, hailing from Stockton. His motivation stems from both his extensive experience in […]

McDonald’s Set to Repurchase Its Entire Chain of Restaurants in Israel

McDonald's Repurchase Restaurants Israel

McDonald’s has announced it will reacquire all its outlets in Israel, following a boycott that swept across Muslim-majority nations due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The fast-food behemoth confirmed it had sealed a deal with its franchise holder Alonyal to take back control of 225 locations, securing jobs for approximately 5,000 workers. This […]

North America Anticipates a Spectacular Solar Eclipse in 2024

Solar Eclipse

According to astral predictions, a specific location on our planet gets to bask in the shadows of a total solar eclipse roughly once every 375 years. With its 30,000 inhabitants, the town of Carbondale is gearing up to defy those odds spectacularly, preparing to immerse itself in darkness for the second time in just seven […]

Renowned Manga Creator Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball Fame Passes Away

Manga Creator Dragon Ball Passes Away

Akira Toriyama, the mastermind behind Dragon Ball, an iconic and massively successful Japanese manga, has passed away at the age of 68. Toriyama succumbed to an acute subdural hematoma, a severe form of bleeding near the brain, as confirmed by his studio on Friday. Globally revered, Dragon Ball transcended its comic book origins, evolving into […]

Germany Navigates the Complex Path Toward Cannabis Legalization

Germany is on the cusp of embracing a pivotal change as lawmakers prepare to cast their votes on a groundbreaking piece of legislation that could legalize the recreational use of cannabis across the nation. Should the parliamentary majority signal their approval, individuals over the age of 18 will soon find themselves with the liberty to […]