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After Easter Sunday

A Journey into Reconciliation

This is a brief interview with Ms. Juwairiya, Director at Muslim Women Development Trust and Counsellor, Empowerment of Women and Families on the much needed reconciliation efforts that should take place after the recent Easter Sunday Attacks.

In Conversation with Chandraguptha Thenuwara

“We destroyed their memorials and earned hatred.”

Prof. Chandraguptha Thenuwara is one of the main protagonists in Sri Lanka’s field of visual art. His art and social activism create strong political narrations and can be considered representing a cross section of the Sri Lankan polity. He invites Sri Lankan society to re-read the tragedy of 1983 Black July, 35 years after that incident.


During the war Chathuranga and Gowri were soldiers on opposite sides. Today they are married and call their daughter, simply, Sri Lankan.


Mathale Yatawatte Piyadasa dared to love a Tamil woman. His children also learned to follow their hearts beyond ethnic barriers.


Thousands of women go to Saudi Arabia and parts of Asia to work as housemaids. Some of them never return. In 2017, 32 women were sent home in coffins.


Matale Sunitta Thero is a bi-lingual Buddhist monk. Though his religion and Tamil language instruction, he brings Tamils and Sinhalese closer together.


After India’s Supreme Court ruled that homosexuality was not a crime, The Catamaran asked academics what that ruling could mean for Sri Lanka.


Poor and uneducated young men risk their lives to clear landmines leftover from the war. Proper funding could make the job safer.


How a teacher tells stories to overcome language and mentality barriers.