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Locals displaced by the controversial Um Oya hydropower project have new homes in southern Sri Lanka. But, they say, their lives are far worse than before.

Dirty Clothes + Kidney Disease:

Water Shortages In Southern Sri Lanka

Water problems in the Bandagiriya area in southern Sri Lanka are a long-standing problem. Locals are suffering from kidney diseases as a result, among other problems.


A lack of private sector opportunities and the security offered by a government job, means that unemployed youth in the north of the country are getting restless.


Water can cause conflicts between communities but in one Sri Lankan case, it brought two antipathetic communities closer together.


In Sri Lankan villages unofficial “snake bite doctors” treat patients who have been stung or bitten, using traditional remedies. They believe the ancient art must be passed on.


Every year, a festival on Kachchativu island draws thousands of Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen, keen to put differences aside. But this year the Indians did not come.


After years of war, how can Sri Lankans even begin to reconcile with one another? University lecturer and monk, Galkande Dhammananda Thero, has some ideas.


For around 20 years, one man has been selling jackfruit at a Colombo traffic junction. Even if the fruit is unavailable elsewhere, buyers know they can always get it here.


Sri Lankan director Kesavarajan Navaratnam once produced propaganda films for the Tamil Tigers. Now he makes films for all the country.


When the locals of Morawewa returned to their former homes, formerly fertile land had dried and water was contaminated. Those who cannot afford to buy water risk kidney disease.

Tragedy + Thievery:

A Tale of Two Mothers

Despite ethnic, religious and geographic differences, many Sri Lankans share more than they know, as this tale of two parents from opposite ends of the country shows.


Handicapped man Thiagarajah Sothinathan has not been able to walk properly since he was a child. But that has not stopped him from becoming a hero in his own town.


At one stage, the Muslim Sri Lankans of Muthur were at risk from their Buddhist countrymen. Yet in one Muslim-majority village, a Muslim man is defending the local Buddhist shrine.


An initiative by the Sri Lankan Ports Authority will see 12 local women trained as gantry crane operators by International Women’s Day on March 8. It’s a job usually done by men.


A Sri Lankan writer and translator explains why he believes art has impact and how literature is key to reconciliation and lasting peace in his country.


So-called jadi fish is a delicacy in Sri Lanka. But the art of making it is dying out. One local man, who specialises in making pickled fish on the beach, explains how it’s done.