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How a random phone call connected a Sri Lankan couple from two different ethnic groups, and bridged cultural chasms.


A story of the human cost of Sri Lanka’s civil war. During fighting, a ostmaster lost track of his injured wife. After years of looking for her, he also lost his sense of reality.


Many workers on the country’s tea growing estates have never had a postal address. This deprives them of state services and private mail. A local group is working to change this.


A mosque in southern Sri Lanka is bringing the country’s different sects together. Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims believe they will be blessed if they go there.


Every Saturday, locals in eastern Sri Lanka gather at the Kalladi bridge to sell organic fruits and vegetables. But this market is more than just environmentally friendly.

Sacrifice For Art:

The Life Of A Sri Lankan Poet

It is never easy making money from the arts, especially in northern Sri Lanka. The Catamaran talked to Krishnapillai Arulampalam about his life as traditional playwright and poet.


In central Sri Lanka, there is an area called Mars. At first it was named for the distant planet because of its remoteness. But now other reasons make it difficult to inhabit.


When the Sinhalese military were in control of Jaffna, a linguistic mix up could end in physical violence. Thankfully today, the same thing in Colombo just results in shame and anger.

A Community Leader’s Story:

How To Live On Ethnic Faultlines

A Sinhala father and activist who lived among Tamils talks about his life and how he found harmony among different ethnic groups.


Sri Lankans of African descent have a language all of their own, evolved from Portuguese. But this century, this unique form of speech has been lost.

A Musical, Maritime Mystery:

Seeking The Singing Fish Of Batticaloa

A Batticaloa lagoon is famed for its mysterious singing fish. So far though, nobody has been able to work out what is making the odd noises from the deep.


Locals in the northeast have fond memories of movie halls. They say the films brought Sinhalese and Tamil communities together and in some cases, even brought romance.


Locals displaced by the controversial Um Oya hydropower project have new homes in southern Sri Lanka. But, they say, their lives are far worse than before.

Dirty Clothes + Kidney Disease:

Water Shortages In Southern Sri Lanka

Water problems in the Bandagiriya area in southern Sri Lanka are a long-standing problem. Locals are suffering from kidney diseases as a result, among other problems.


A lack of private sector opportunities and the security offered by a government job, means that unemployed youth in the north of the country are getting restless.


Water can cause conflicts between communities but in one Sri Lankan case, it brought two antipathetic communities closer together.