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Sri Lanka has struggled with high nationwide suicide rates for years. At Sumithrayo, the staff have a simple approach for people at risk: listening.


Maintenance was last carried out in 2003, walls are cracked, roots of trees have found their way inside and the stench of poor sanitation has made life in Vekanda flats a living hell.


A recently released report identifies women who were injured in the war and describes their struggles with re-integrating into society despite trauma, stigmas and new challenges living with disabilities.


Sociologist Ramees Abubakar talks to The Catamaran about reconciliation amongst the various religious and ethnic groups in Ampara, one of Sri Lanka’s most diverse districts.


Trapped between the sea and the train station, the residents of Bambalapitiya live without water or electricity. Politicians only visit during election season.


When someone told Suraj it was OK for him to be gay, it changed his life.


When Sinhalese students began studying at Jaffna University, they discovered that their prejudices were unfounded.


He was born mute and deaf, yet S.M.M. Jhaseeil is a tailor shop owner, employer, mentor, and father.


Crafting garlands supported this family for four generations. But competition might bring their family tradition to an end.


Their love caused street brawls and a judge sent them to jail for a crime they did not commit.


The Crusaders for Democracy accept a united Sri Lanka but one with more rights for Tamils.


He lost his hands as a child, but that did not stop him from leading a productive life.


They risk losing their families and communities to marry someone outside of their faith.


Villagers in Sri Lanka’s Panama area say the military took their land. They want it back. But until then they are determined to do the best business possible.


An academic couple based in Jaffna have spent over a decade closely examining an unexpected, ancient connection between Japan and the Tamil people.


A former football star from Anuradhapura was forced to flee during the civil war. Now back in his hometown, he explains how his sporting status helped him survive.