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President Rajapakse’s Priority

Will the New President Focus on Reconciliation?

Reflections on President Gotabaya Rajapakse’s swearing in ceremony at Ruwanweliseya

Addressing Rights Organizations

Human Rights Can’t be Won by Fighting Alone

In conversation with Surangi Ariyawansa, Executive Director of the Center for Human Rights

Looking to Mannar for Reconciliation

An Oasis that Connects Hearts

In Mathota, the coastal line yields pure white pearls, the harbor is connected to the beginning of Buddhist civilization of Sri Lanka, the port is written in history as the place from where the sacred sapling of Sri Maha Bodhiya tree was brought to the island.


Chairman of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress, Narah T. Arulkanth on the need for national development with the entire country on board.   

When the Community Comes Together

In Remembrance of Those Lost

The bugle echoes over the hills of Mihintale. A sound of melancholy for everyone, irrespective of ethnic differences. The mothers, wives, sisters and family members of unsung heroes who died a decade ago, moan for their kith and kin.

In Conversation with Mohammed Ali Razik Fareed

What are Racial Divisions Next to Life and Death?

It’s easy to be divisive when we are healthy, but in times of sickness or need all divisions in caste, religion and ethnicity become meaningless.

Talking to Dilmi Fathima

Bonding Hearts with Kind Words

The Catamaran recently spoke with Dilmi Fathima, a Muslim seamstress from Kurunegala who makes clothes for the Sinhala women in her community. Her work has become the glue that bonds her community together despite racial and religious differences among her and her clientele.

Finding Peace in Divinity

Looking Beyond the Issues of Man

The Catamaran looked to leaders and followers from various walks of faith to gather their views on reconciling as a nation, following the ethnic unrest post Easter Sunday attacks.

In Conversation with Shabir Mohammed

Religious Extremism Is Not Tolerated

Shabir Mohammed, leader of Dawoodi Bohra community and a chief organizer of the Ashara Mubaraka festival joined The Catamaran for a discussion on the significance of the festival post Easter Sunday Attacks.