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“யுத்தம் முடிந்தபோதும் நாட்டில் இனப்பிரச்சினை தீர்ந்தபாடில்லை.”

குடிப்பதற்கு நீரும் வைத்தியசாலைக்குச் செல்ல வீதிகளும் இல்லாதிருக்கையில் அல்லது காட்டு யாகைள் அழிவுகளைச் செய்கையில் பாரிய நகர அபிவிருத்தி ஒன்றைச் செய்வதானால் பயன் எதுவுமில்லை.


The former Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Chandra Jayaratne, talks to The Catamaran about why Sri Lanka’s economic development is going nowhere.


Farmers in the Mavil Aru area are opposed to a government-planned dam extension, saying it will dry crops and threaten local wildlife.


Local politician Samantha Vidyaratna talks to The Catamaran about the disastrous Uma Oya hydro project and what can be done to stop it causing more damage today.


Locals say they haven’t been compensated for land lost to the Yan Oya irrigation project – and that a banana company may well be benefitting more than them from reparations.


Sri Lankan couple J. Sivajini and P. Jeganathann were badly wounded after they joined the Tamil Tigers. But they are rejoining society with the fruits and vegetables they sell.


Alcoholism is a serious issue in Sri Lanka’s hill country, as is artificial alcohol, that is more like drinking poison than palm wine.


It was supposed to improve the quality of life for all those around it. But instead the Uma Oya Development Project has ruined the lives of the Sri Lankans who live around it.


The mechanization of rice harvesting has been good for the owners of Sri Lankan paddy fields. But it’s been a disaster for the locals who used to do the manual labour.


Sri Lanka’s civil war stole some of their best years: Education was interrupted and futures lost. Now northern 20-and-30-somethings are asking: Where is their compensation?