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Sarath Manulawickrama

Sarath Manula Wickrema who entered media field in 1990 as a Lake House reporter, since 2000 contributes to Independent Television Network and provides his services to Wijaya Newspaper Company from 2002. He continuously wrote on weekend, a series of feature articles since the launch of Maubima newspaper and for two years compiles a special series of articles for ‘Dinamina’ Newspaper. He received the ‘Excellence in public service Award’ and the Award for Sensitive Reporting in 2007. He has attended training workshops conducted by BBC, Reuters and Sri Lanka Press Institute. He took part in the workshop “Media’s duty in a Democratic Society’ in 2008. Manula who shows keen interest on photography and features, is an arts graduate of Rajarata University. Professionally, he is a full time school teacher. He has written and published three books including on interviewing in journalism.

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