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Even Vegetables Are More Expensive

Dharmarajah Thurairasah, 60, reserves seats on long distance buses.

12.07.2016  |  

Dharmarajah Thurairasah comes from Kopay in Jaffna and the 60-year-old’s primary job is reserving seats for passengers on long distance buses. Thurairasah has four daughters and two sons.

How much do you earn a month?

Between LKR50,000 (EUR300) and LKR60,000 (EUR364).

Are you happy with what you are earning?


How much you spend on your children?

Our youngest daughter lives with us but all the others are married and live elsewhere. I don’t really separate my own expenditure from what I spend on my daughter – it’s not practical.

Can you cover all your costs?

Yes, mostly, especially if we are careful and thrifty.

Are you able to save any money?

How to save? Goods are expensive, and vegetables are expensive. There are things that I once bought for LKR500 (EUR3) that now cost LKR2,000 (EUR12)!

How do you spend your free time with your family?

That’s nonsense, I don’t have any free time.

Don’t you even ever go to the movies with your family, just for fun?

No, we can watch films on TV. Once in a while we will go on pilgrimage. But that’s all I have time for. I have to work every day.