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Crafting garlands supported this family for four generations. But competition might bring their family tradition to an end.

A family business

“Every day I get up early, around four o’clock in the morning, to fetch flowers. At four in the afternoon I go to town to sell garlands to about 30 regular customers. As far as I know we have been in business for four generations,” says 58-year-old garland-seller Kandiah Parameswaran who lives near the famous […]

He was born mute and deaf, yet S.M.M. Jhaseeil is a tailor shop owner, employer, mentor and father


“The sleeve should be here,” the customer instructed. “I do not want this button and the collar should be like this,” he continued while the tailor nodded his head and wrote the wishes on a piece of paper. Occasionally the tailor makes signs with his hands. S.M.M. Jhaseeil’s tailor shop is in Attalaichenai, and he […]

When commanding officer Rathnapriya Bandu was transferred, residents in 3 districts sobbed at a reception held in his honor.

A Hero’s Farewell

“The reconciliation process will be disturbed if Tamil youth in the North fall prey to people with ulterior motives,” warned Lt.Col. Rathnapriya Bandu, “due to unemployment and a lack of financial support.” Bandu, the former commanding officer of the Civil Defence Force (CDF) in Mullaithivu, Kilinochchi and Jaffna told The Catamaran cautionary tales about the […]

They risk losing their families and communities to marry someone outside of their faith.

Love across religious lines

Buhddist vs. Christian “At one point, I started to wonder what religions are for it they do not allow us to live together with the person we love?” says 37-year-old K.V. Aksalanirushni Adhikari, a Christian who married a Buhddist. I was a staff member in the packing division of a garment factory. My lover worked […]

He lost his hands as a child, but that did not stop him from leading a productive life.

Standing on two feet

“When I was still a pupil, I went swimming in Kaluwankerni Sea and saw a mysterious object floating on the surface. I took hold of it, and while I was trying to examine what it was, it suddenly exploded –  both of my hands were blown off. Since then, I have been living without my […]


A former football star from Anuradhapura was forced to flee during the civil war. Now back in his hometown, he explains how his sporting status helped him survive.


In one Sri Lankan village, the locals live a simple life that is influenced by their search for honey – from birth to death.


During the Sri Lankan civil war, neighbouring villages were often separated due to the fighters’ front lines. Now the concept of the ‘border village’ is becoming a distant memory.


The fishermen asked authorities for a breakwater to protect them. The requests remain unanswered so now, regardless of faith, they all pray to another god for safety.