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The coal plant in Norocholai may provide electricity to many Sri Lankans but for those living nearby, it is poisoning their farms, their fish and their children.


Locals in the northeast have fond memories of movie halls. They say the films brought Sinhalese and Tamil communities together and in some cases, even brought romance.


Sri Lankans of African descent have a language all of their own, evolved from Portuguese. But this century, this unique form of speech has been lost.

A Musical, Maritime Mystery:

Seeking The Singing Fish Of Batticaloa

A Batticaloa lagoon is famed for its mysterious singing fish. So far though, nobody has been able to work out what is making the odd noises from the deep.


Locals displaced by the controversial Um Oya hydropower project have new homes in southern Sri Lanka. But, they say, their lives are far worse than before.

Dirty Clothes + Kidney Disease:

Water Shortages In Southern Sri Lanka

Water problems in the Bandagiriya area in southern Sri Lanka are a long-standing problem. Locals are suffering from kidney diseases as a result, among other problems.


In an interview, the leader of the Ealam Peoples’ Democratic Party talks about whether he thinks Sri Lanka will have to deal with another violent episode in the near future.


Sri Lanka’s many displaced locals are asking that the “right to a decent standard of living” be included in the country’s new constitution.


A lack of private sector opportunities and the security offered by a government job, means that unemployed youth in the north of the country are getting restless.

Interview + Keppapulavu Protest Leader

‘Bullying Cannot Intimidate Me’

The leader of protests in Keppapulavu which saw land returned to its rightful owners, tells The Catamaran why they were so successful.