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At a 600-year-old Buddhist school, many languages are spoken with the goal of spreading a message to as many people as possible.


Mathale Yatawatte Piyadasa dared to love a Tamil woman. His children also learned to follow their hearts beyond ethnic barriers.


A census was conducted on elephants, but no such survey has been carried out to find data about disabled Sri Lankans, argues N. Kamalawathie.


Thousands of women go to Saudi Arabia and parts of Asia to work as housemaids. Some of them never return. In 2017, 32 women were sent home in coffins.


Two young men from different religions lived and died together like brothers of the same family.


Two years after its creation, the Office of Missing Persons continues to come under scrutiny as thousands of families wait for information about loved ones.


During the war Chathuranga and Gowri were soldiers on opposite sides. Today they are married and call their daughter, simply, Sri Lankan.


Matale Sunitta Thero is a bi-lingual Buddhist monk. Though his religion and Tamil language instruction, he brings Tamils and Sinhalese closer together.


Poor and uneducated young men risk their lives to clear landmines leftover from the war. Proper funding could make the job safer.


How a teacher tells stories to overcome language and mentality barriers.


The pied á terre for the first Governor of Ceylon was once one of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated buildings.


Jayalath Bandara lost a Tamil school friend during the Black July riots. Today, he hopes to make new ones by spreading a message of peace.


This past July marked 500 days of protests of Tamil families whose relatives went missing since 2009.


After being disabled in a work accident, Saman Kumara looked up at a tree and discovered a new way to make a living.


Roslin Mary Gomes has spent 105 years on this earth and has many religions and ethnicities in her large, diverse family.


A border once kept Sinhalese and Tamils from sharing a meal. Today, a restaurant replaces a physical and cultural barrier.